Len Schaustal, Escrow Officer

Len Schaustal, Owner and Escrow Officer, Zemrus Escrow

Zemrus Escrow

125 W. Green St. Pasadena, CA 91105

About Len Schaustal

Len began working in the escrow business while he was still in college.  He immediately discovered that he loved interacting with clients and enjoyed helping people. Thirty years later, he owns his own escrow company, and has developed a reputation of running one of the best escrow companies in the Pasadena area.  He and his experienced staff give all of his clients the same high level of respect, care, and service, whether they are buying their first home or selling their last.  

Len is an active Board Member of the Altadena Christmas Tree Lane Association. He loves giving back to the area that gives him so much. He lives in Altadena, where he enjoys gardening in his beautiful backyard, spending time with his loved ones, and playing with his three wonderful dogs. He also enjoys traveling and interacting with other people and cultures from around the world.